Stephen King's new 'It' clip has 'Stranger Things' vibes



The first trailer for Warner Bros. Of course, Stranger Things was itself dedicated to feeling like you were watching a Stephen King adaptation as directed by Spielberg, and the pop culture ouroborus just keeps on chewing.

A new clip from the upcoming movie version of "It" was revealed at the MTV Movie and TV Awards Sunday night, and the similarities are obvious. Instead, it follows a few of the kids who wind up getting caught up in the terrifying madness Pennywise creates. When both groups attended the MTV Movie & TV awards on Sunday, it was only natural they'd link up - and that moment finally came when the 13 Reasons cast awarded the Stranger Things cast their prize for Show of the Year.

If it feels at all similar it may be due to the fact that we saw something similar to this a little under two years ago.

The pic featured 13 Reasons Why's Ross Butler, Dylan Minnette and Christian Navarro, plus Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, and Gaten Matarazzo from Stranger Things all gave major cheese for the camera while Ross snapped away, and our hearts are basically exploding. There are creepy paranormal forces at play, but despite that, a large part of what makes the series great is just how strong the friendship between the kids is.