Nearly Half of Voters Think Congress Should Run With Trump's Tax Outline

President Donald Trump said on Monday he would consider raising the federal tax on gasoline to fund infrastructure development, Bloomberg News reported.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters in mid-April that Trump continues to be audited, noting that his recently-filed 2016 returns were under IRS' scrutiny as well.

In the end, the survey shows that 62 percent of people say that corporations don't pay their fair share of taxes.

Raising fuel taxes has generally been opposed by Republican lawmakers at the state level, but some in the GOP have at times backed an increase in the gas tax.

Regarding gas taxes, the president indicated that the additional money would be directed toward highway construction and fix.

In what was seen as another sign that Mr. Trump's views remain something of a moving target, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the president had abandoned the idea of combining tax and infrastructure issues legislatively. President Trump's plan would exempt them from personal income taxes as well.

In the event that the taxation relating to carried interest is increased to the ordinary income tax rate, fund managers could find their carried interest taxed as high as 43.4% (current rates) or as low as 25% if Trump follows through and slashes ordinary income tax rates and repeals the so-called Obama Care tax (3.8% NIIT). And one of them, MIT's Bengt Holmstrom, said his answer was actually a mistake and he meant to say that he disagreed with the idea.

In repeating his call for a reciprocal tax, Trump emphasized his enthusiasm for the approach, which resembles a system of import tariffs that would match those imposed by other countries on USA goods.

Cohn, a Democrat, said he comes from a team-oriented background at Goldman Sachs, and working in the White House is no different.

Mnuchin explained to Bartiromo that there are three components to the administration's economic plan: tax reform, regulatory reform and trade.

Trump's plan also proposes a onetime tax on dollars brought back by US businesses from overseas, a provision that 56 percent of voters support and 20 percent oppose.

Trump announced on Monday that he is willing to raise the taxes on gasoline to pay for infrastructure improvements. Trump wants everything simplified, including the tax process.

It's Goldman present vs. Goldman past on Trump's tax plan and a $2 trillion difference.

Speaking with the Examiner, Trump evinced an attachment to his heretical campaign plan for a New Deal-inspired, $1 trillion infrastructure stimulus.

Also present at the press conference was Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin, who expressed that the administration's mission is "to make USA businesses the most competitive in the world".

"They're looking at other sources of income, looking at the gas tax", McAuliffe said. In fact, there was not a single economist who claimed that there was any precedent for a tax cut paying for itself through growth since 1980.

"The president is determined to unleash economic growth for businesses", Mnuchin said.