Rich Gang Affiliate BTY Young'N Shot and Killed in New Orleans

Rich Gang Rapper BTY Youngin’ Shot and Killed In New Orleans

Rich Gang Rapper BTY Youngin’ Shot and Killed In New Orleans

Over the weekend (April 29), rising rapper BTY YoungN was shot and killed in his home city of New Orleans at a local gas station, leaving loved ones and fans to seek answers over the horrific news. The victim's mother, Gabrielle Jerome, confirmed that the slain man was in fact her son, Desmone Jerome.

According to The Advocate, the shooting that resulted in Jerome's death occurred at approximately 11PM Saturday night. He was only 27 years old. Police said he was shot multiple times and found lying around the area of the gas station's pumps. While authorities are now investigating to find any suspects or potential motives, the Rich Gang signee's mother seems to have some theories as to why he was tragically killed. Glenn Bell, who identified himself as YoungN's cousin to The Times Picayune, said BTY YoungN "was a very uplifting person".

YoungN's career appeared to be on the rise through his affiliation with Birdman and his Rich Gang collective.

Friends and family described BTY YoungN as "a very positive" and "impactful" individual.

In February, YoungN released his project 2nd Feed Up. "Birdman, posted a Facebook message around 2 p.m. Sunday that showed a photo of Jerome as well as the words "#RIP" and "#gonebutnevaforgotten". It requests that the privacy of the rapper's friends and family be respected at this time, and asks for further information on Jerome's murder.