Republican wins surprisingly close Kansas congressional election

Republican wins surprisingly close Kansas congressional election

Republican wins surprisingly close Kansas congressional election

"We made this race absolutely competitive and we are very proud of it".

Republicans prevailed, but the GOP candidate didn't win so much as he survived. Estes had double his campaign cash.

Estes, the state's treasurer, had been the favorite to win the election, but a campaign by Democrat James Thompson threatened the traditionally Republican seat. If Trump's approval rating stays at around 40%, Democrats will be projected to win the generic House ballot by about ten points. If Democrats can net 24 seats, they would recapture the majority.

Only Sedgwick County showed Thompson ahead of Estes.

With 94% of the precincts counted, Estes led Thompson by 52% to 46%. Kansas' 4th District is not a microcosm of agitated America, nor is it the siren of Trump backlash coming in from the Midwest. Very few voters turn out for these special contests compared to regular November elections, making it hard to read too much into the results without risking inaccurate interpretations.

The National Republican Congressional Committee in the final days of the contest spent $92,000 to boost Estes.

Republicans get some credit: They saw some potentially embarrassing danger in the Kansas race, they reacted, and they won. A flood of big GOP campaign donations and a last-minute ad buy last week of almost $100,000 by the National Republican Congressional Committee also signaled GOP nervousness. This should worry Republicans. Democrat James Thompson speaks to supporters at the Murdock Theatre in Wichita, Kan., Tuesday, April, 11, 2017. When Perez ran for party chairman earlier this year, he pledged to implement a 50-state strategy to build up the party.

He said the results show Democrats that, "You fight". But they won't do so unless they start turning red districts blue. "That would require a major increase in funds". A group that formed following Sanders candidacy, Our Revolution, supported Thompson during the campaign through social media and recruited volunteers to make phone calls on his behalf. The district has not sent a Democrat to Capitol Hill in more than 20 years.

The fourth congressional district - like most of the surrounding area in south central Kansas - is rock-solid Republican.

After Kansas Democrats came close Tuesday to winning a special election in an otherwise solidly conservative U.S. House district, their S.C. counterparts are hopeful they can pull off an upset in the Palmetto State's 5th District.

Estes was running in a district that includes Wichita, where President Donald Trump won by a 27-point margin over Hillary Clinton in November, and where Pompeo won re-election by 31 points. One GOP operative familiar with the special elections said the GOP realized there might be a problem when polling found that even low-propensity Democratic voters were interested in the race.

"Certainly Estes is not helped by [Republican Governor Sam] Brownback", Loomis said, referring to the Kansas governor who recently vetoed Medicaid expansion that would have given health care to 150,000 people in the state.

Though it did link to the race's results, the coverage story at the New York Times didn't even deign to tell readers how supposedly close the race was.