The Fate of the Furious Still Feels Fresh And Exciting

It can't be easy to subjugate your own film to the kind of "no-plot" criticisms it would garner, but everything considered, that's the route I'd like to see these movies take. "Fast & Furious 8 (FF8)" isn't cerebral, it doesn't require you to think too much and doesn't push any particular agenda or world-view aside from loyalty and family first. On the fight, Johnson said, "just like, in life, you have different philosophies and people have different fundamental philosophies on how you do things". And this "gushy stuff" is my main problem with this new installment in the Fast and Furious series. This movie feels more like G.I.

It nearly feels redundant to talk about the story or plot of Fast & Furious 8, because both are entirely secondary, maybe even tertiary to what Fast & Furious 8 is all about. They both embodied the absurdness of this franchise and built on it. Getting to see those two acting opposite each other in a film like this was incredibly fun.

That's right. Instead of focusing on street races or robbing a massive drug lord, "F8" is actually about our ragtag group of friends and family saving the planet by helping Kurt Russell's nameless government agent prevent Charlize Theron from starting WWIII. With Dom away from the team, The Rock's character has to become the new leader, commanding the screen with his patented charisma. It's a throwback to the series' unassuming B-movie roots, and a few selected lines from the film may just tell you all you need to know. There's a real beating heart to this money-making machine, and one that thankfully the filmmakers cultivate and put on display. Because it serves no goal in uniting automotive enthusiasts all over the world and is only a money making venture feeding off the wallets of fans of the series, Furious 8 is a disappointing attempt and it ensures that I personally have no intention of continuing to watch.

Surprising no one, the action sequences are where this movie excels. If you love the mix of ridiculous action, fantastic cars, and fun from the last four movies, you will love this movie.

It's a good joke, too; the mega-macho back-and-forthing between apparent nemeses Jason Statham and The Rock is very enjoyable, as are the comic interjections from Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris.

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Things fall flat a bit when there are no jokes or explosions, however. The different vehicle tricks really captured audience attention. That was another problem with the film; the actors who played these characters don't all blend well together, with some having some really nice interactions and others seeming like it was their first time talking to one another. I would not have even gone had my roommate not asked me to go with him.