Paris shooting: second man sought by police

Video Shows Police Response in Paris After Reports of Shots Fired

Video Shows Police Response in Paris After Reports of Shots Fired

The attacker, identified as French national Karim Cheurfi, was later killed by police during the Thursday night shootout, the Guardian reported.

Global desk - Security forces have killed a gunman after he shot down a policeman in the French capital Paris, officials said.

The attack comes three days before the first round of France's tense presidential election.

France's anti-terrorism prosecutor said searches were under way, including one in the eastern Paris suburbs.

IFOP pollster Frederic Dabi said the impact was likely to be limited as the French people have become accustomed to living with the threat of attacks, Reuters reported.

French Interior Ministry spokesperson Pierre-Henry Brandet has said that French authorities were looking for a second suspect in connection with the shooting.

Molins said Cheurfi was arrested in February but was released due to lack of evidence, according to the AP.

Reports said a pump action shotgun and two knives were found in Cheurfi's auto which he had stopped alongside a stationary police van on the Champs Elysees avenue.

President François Hollande is to chair a security cabinet meeting, as France readies for Sunday's presidential poll. ISIS has claimed responsibility. During the ensuing gun battle - witnesses spoke of a short but intense exchange of fire - the suspected attacker was killed and two other officers wounded.

However, Belgium's interior minister said Islamic State gave a false name for the man who carried out the attack.

After killing an officer, the man attempted to run away while shooting at other officers, two of whom he injured, the spokesman added.

"We are suffering the consequences of a laxity that has continued for years", she said shortly before the shooting, promising to take a hard line against militants and anyone suspected of being a terrorist.

Islamic State group-inspired attacks have killed at least 235 people in France since January 2015, by far the largest casualty figure of any Western country.

Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet said on BFM television that a man came out of a auto and opened fire on a police vehicle. That's why French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve announced dramatic security measures.

Le Pen, who has campaigned on an anti-European Union, anti-immigration platform, was the only major French candidate who backed Republican Trump in the November 8 USA presidential election.