Judge Neil Gorsuch sworn into Supreme Court, vows to serve Constitution

President Donald Trump watches as Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy administers the judicial oath to Neil Gorsuch in the Rose Garden of the White House

President Donald Trump watches as Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy administers the judicial oath to Neil Gorsuch in the Rose Garden of the White House

The newest member of the Supreme Court celebrated his swearing-in with a public ceremony in the White House Rose Garden Monday morning.

Gorsuch was confirmed by a 54-45 vote after Senate Republicans broke a Democratic filibuster by changing - in a simple majority vote -- a longstanding rule and lowered the threshold for confirmation of Supreme Court nominees ... to a simple majority vote.

If Kennedy were to retire in the next few years, it would give the president and Senate Republicans the opportunity to give conservatives firm control of the court. In exit polls 21 percent of voters called Supreme Court appointments "the most important factor" in their vote, and among those people 56 percent voted for Trump.

The third missing man was Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader in the Senate, who ignored Obama's words and took an audacious gamble.

That means we are likely only one vote short of reinstating marriage in our nation, with rumors flying that another Court vacancy could occur soon with the retirement of one of the justices who voted to redefine marriage! "I think that's a form of hazing, don't you?"

If those kinds of ambiguities mean Neil Gorsuch won't easily fit into an obvious and predictable political mold, so much the better. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.I want to thank the President for nominating me and for the great confidence and trust he's reposed in me. Justice Anthony Kennedy, for whom Gorsuch once clerked, administered the federal judicial oath.

Gorsuch "is widely expected to shift the ideological balance of the court to the right", wrote Lydia Wheeler for The Hill, "with his views seen as mostly in line with the man he is replacing: the late Justice Antonin Scalia". Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, that saw him through "months and so many miles trooping together thru the Senate complex" during the confirmation process. With Gorsuch aboard, the court once again has five conservative justices and four liberals.

Speaking ahead of Gorsuch at the ceremony, Trump said that "our country is counting on you to be wise, impartial and fair, to serve under our laws, not over them, and to safeguard the right of the people to govern their own affairs", hinting at his own friction with the judiciary. The 49-year-old Gorsuch, after all, may well serve for more than three decades. Now Neil Gorsuch, a nominee selected by a president who lost the popular vote by a huge margin, will occupy a seat that had been kept open by unprecedented obstruction - after the Senate rules have been altered so he could be confirmed.

Trump made the remarks in the White House Rose Garden following Gorsuch's second swearing-in ceremony of the day, Politico reported. Not only did he keep his Supreme Court justice promise, but his cabinet picks have been awesome.

The Colorado Supreme Court last August declined to review the case, agreeing with a Colorado Court of Appeals decision that said the shop could continue to enforce its religious beliefs, but not while operating as a business in Colorado.