Zelda: Breath Of The Wild outsells Horizon Zero Dawn in US

NPD Group analyst Sam Naji noted that the Nintendo Switch's launch on March 3 helped bump these numbers up significantly.

As ever though the USA charts are full of omissions and caveats, with the Zelda figure not including digital sales and combining Wii U and Switch as one.

Check out the full top ten list below! All figures in this post do not cover the entire industry spend.

The Nintendo Switch enjoyed Nintendo's biggest ever hardware launch in the U.S., and the second biggest since NPD records began.

For hardware specifically, the Nintendo Switch outsold the PS4 and Xbox One in March. Naji noted that the system "almost doubled" the total USA hardware sales count for the month, to $485 million in all.

The Switch's first month of sale saw the system beat the June 2001 launch of the Game Boy Advance by 31,000 units to become the biggest hardware launch ever for Nintendo, and the second largest in United States history.

Slightly more useful information is that as a whole physical Switch software sales stood at 1.3 million units, which is apparently a record high for a Nintendo console launch. "The two Nintendo Switch SKUs, the 32GB Gray Joy-Con, followed by the 32GB Neon Red/Blue Joy-Con, were the best-selling systems for the month".

Moreover, sales of Nintendo's video game "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild", for the Switch, were over 900,000 units, which NPD says was an "attach rate" of 99% - basically, everyone who bought a Switch bought Zelda - which was a record attach rate for a "non-bundled" game, again, since NPD's records back to 1995. It's not the best start for a Tom Clancy game, however, as that distinction goes to The Division. And as for Horizon: Zero Dawn, the month's fourth best-selling game, it was developer Guerrilla's "best launch ever", Naji said, noting it sold "twice as much" as PS4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall, the previous record-holder.