Vehicle Found in Connection to Missing TN Girl

Vehicle Found in Connection to Missing TN Girl

Vehicle Found in Connection to Missing TN Girl

Acting U.S. Attorney Jack Smith announced the charge for Tad Cummins at a news conference on Thursday, just hours after authorities say the girl was found safe in a very remote area in northern California.

When Cummins' wife, Jill, got home that evening, she found a note from her husband saying he was gone to Virgina Beach or the D.C. area to clear his head, according to the court records.

Authorities received a tip late Wednesday night that the pair may have taken up residence in the woods in Siskiyou County, perhaps for more than a week, bureau spokesman Josh DeVine said. "This is a hard time for her and her family". When they reached out to the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office, they were informed the same person already called them.

A federal charge of transportation of a minor across state lines for the goal of having criminal sexual intercourse has been filed against him.

The father of a 15-year-old Tennessee girl who was found in northern California with a teacher after being missing for more than a month says he thinks his daughter was brainwashed. They were captured on surveillance two days later at a Walmart in Oklahoma City but weren't been seen since.

"I feel a little amusing because there were all kinds of indications that there was something a little amusing going on never occurred to me that she was 15 year old, they said she was 22, I thought...yeah", said Peter LaughingWolf.

The nearest police station from the cabin, O'Hare said, is two hours away.

The statement continued, "Thanks go to all who have kept the message of finding Elizabeth Thomas and working on her safe return as top-of-mind throughout the nation".

The report recommended that the girl be taken out of Cummins' class and that he be reprimanded to uphold his professional responsibility.

The duo has been sought since March, when an Amber Alert was issued. Further investigation of that tip also led authorities to learn Thomas and Cummins visited another Wal-Mart store March 16, purchasing women's razors, chocolate, cheese cubes and KY Jelly, the report states. Employees at both properties told investigators each room had one bed. Snow was still on the ground in some places. As of Thursday evening, her family was waiting to communicate with her before speaking publicly.

Cummins was wanted by authorities on charges including aggravated kidnapping.

Kelly Giordano of the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office out of California confirmed with WKRN that a Nissan Rogue was found in their county.

A drunk driver was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment in the deadly hit and run case at Bay Shore, New York.