South Africa Painting Has Mandela, Zuma in Apparent Sex Act

South Africa Painting Has Mandela, Zuma in Apparent Sex Act

South Africa Painting Has Mandela, Zuma in Apparent Sex Act

The controversial artist has painted an explicit portrait of President Jacob Zuma featuring Nelson Mandela.

The Johannesburg Citizen newspaper quoted the artist as saying that his painting was showing that Zuma had violated the country.

The ruling party said it would not allow such crassness to be used to insult our sensibilities as a nation and urged all South Africans to remain calm and ignore this graffiti as an instrument of division rather than nation building.

Many South Africans on social media said Mabulu's painting had gone too far, though some said it was a legitimate piece of artistic expression.

The painting of Nelson Mandela and Jacob Zuma has received wide criticism and outrage. "Whilst we respect Mabulu's freedom of expression, we find his work grotesque, inflammatory and of bad taste", the ANC said in a statement. "We, however, find this painting distasteful", the statement read. The cartoonist said he wanted to send a strong message about the impact of Zuma's conduct on South Africa. "More concerning is his callous abuse of our icon, the late founding president of democratic South Africa".

It depicted Zuma in a pose similar to that of Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, except unlike the Lenin painting by soviet poster artist Viktor Semyonovich Ivanov, Zuma's genitalia are exposed.

The latest protests were sparked by the president's cabinet reshuffle in March, in which Zuma fired the popular ex-finance minister Pravin Gordhan.

There have always been allegations that the Gupta family have held sway over Zuma and benefited financially from their association with the South African president. Mandela, who died in 2013, is revered by both supporters of the ANC and other parties.