S. Africans launch new movement to oust president

Opposition parties et al form Freedom Movement to kick President Zuma out

Opposition parties et al form Freedom Movement to kick President Zuma out

The movement is a conglomerate of political parties, civil organisations and ordinary citizens and forms a collective focal point for the rising tide of anti-Zuma sentiment.

South Africans have held several protests this month calling for Zuma to resign but the 75-year old leader says he will only quit when his ruling African National Congress asks him to leave.

"We must not get exhausted".

At the launch of the Freedom Movement at the Hector Pietersen Memorial in Soweto on Thursday, political analyst Prince Mashele called the movement a "united call to action by patriotic South Africans".

"You don't have to belong to any political party or wear a T-shirt or whatever to be there".

La Grange said it was hard to say what Mandela would have said or felt about her taking part in the organisation.

The group's planned march had received support from Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, who wrote a letter urging South Africans to participate in the Freedom Day demonstrations.

"South Africans are anxious about the future of their children and their country".

The group, under the banner the Freedom Movement, is planning a gathering on April 27 at Freedom Park in Pretoria. It is important that we unite as South Africans to bring an end to state capture and that we further the values of our democratic society by speaking out against any and all kinds of injustice in our society.

"The immediate objective of this grouping is to help facilitate a large-scale protest outside Parliament, when the Motion of No Confidence is debated".

"We shall not sit back and watch while our children's future is destroyed by a rogue President working with parasitic private interest ... this is our country, we shall defend it". This is our country.

Read the official press release and mission statement here. "Let us stand up and defend our hardwon freedom and the future of our country".