Russian journalist dies after attack in St. Petersburg

Russian journalist dies after attack in St. Petersburg

Russian journalist dies after attack in St. Petersburg

The latest is Russian Nikolai Andrushchenko, who died this week in St. Petersburg after a beating by unknown assailants last month.

The weekly newspaper's editor, Denis Usov, reportedly attributed the 9 March 2017 attack to Andrushchenko's reporting on alleged "connections between St. Petersburg city officials and organized criminal syndicates". He died April 19 without regaining consciousness, she said, adding that recently "his state was improving; he had started breathing on his own". The day after he was assaulted, another journalist, 35-year-old Yevgeny Khamaganov, was also attacked after reporting on corruption.

His attackers have not been found.

City police are investigating the attack, although they "are unlikely to put much effort into the investigation, since Andrushchenko wrote a lot about arbitrariness in the police, and he was not liked for his intransigence", Novy Peterburg director Alevtina Ageyeva told RBC.

He said that Andruschenko received threats. He was among the founders of Novy Peterburg, where he made a name for himself writing about human rights issues and crime.

Andrushchenko began to express concerns about Putin after he came to power in 2000, writing that the secret services were taking control over Russian Federation.

Novy Peterburg founder Nikolai Andrushchenko died in a St. Petersburg hospital.

Andrushchenko's attackers have not been identified and investigators have not released any information about his case.

In 2009 a different court found him guilty of insulting a government official, bringing a 20,000-ruble fine, and handed him a suspended one-year sentence for inciting social discord against employees of the city prosecutor's office.