LaVar Ball Is Worst Thing To Happen To Basketball In 100 Years

Lonzo Ball Could Be a Marketer's Dream or a Father's Nightmare in Phoenix

Lonzo Ball Could Be a Marketer's Dream or a Father's Nightmare in Phoenix

Of course, LaVar is just trying to drive up the asking price but it really looks like he might be doing more harm than good.

The notoriously loud-mouthed basketball dad got a taste of his own medicine Wednesday when Nike executive George Raveling shared his impassioned opinion of UCLA star Lonzo's father. While he certainly has the talent necessary to get a sneaker contract, his outspoken father, LaVar, might be getting in the way.

According to Michael Smith of the Sports Business Journal, Nike executive George Raveling recently said LaVar Ball is "the worst thing to happen to basketball in the last hundred years".

Raveling then added that Lonzo Ball, who is headed to the National Basketball Association after one season at UCLA, should get automatic entrance into heaven just for having to deal with LaVar being his father.

Raveling's credentials? He played hoops at Villanova from 1957-1960 and coached at Washington State, Iowa and USC, compiling a 335-293 record and taking all three schools to the NCAA tournament. And you don't even have to give it to me all up front. Lonzo, while talented, has yet to play in an National Basketball Association game, while siblings LiAngelo is entering college this Fall and LaMelo is still in High School.

"If he can get it, get it", Knight told the USA Today in early April.