'GTA 5 Online' In-Game 4/20 Deals, New Game Mode Announced

GTA 5 Online Update Available with New Leaks and Features

GTA 5 Online Update Available with New Leaks and Features

Tiny Racers is basically stunt racing from a top-down perspective spiced up with some power-ups.

Veteran gamers and those with an interest in retro may remember that GTA wasn't always the nice and shiny third person game it is today. Of course, with GTA Online's Tiny Racers taking place in a more modern era, it should be expected that the graphics are much more advanced than those of GTA and GTA 2.

While Grand Theft Auto Online fans await the addition of the Tiny Racers mode, Rockstar Games is offering bonuses in the game today only to commemorate the 4/20 date.

And at least one company is turning to the hit video game Grand Theft Auto V for help. All Weed Farm Businesses and Business Upgrades have been marked 50 percent off, while Weed sales from your businesses will earn you 50 percent more money.

You can also "burn out" with Green Tire Smoke from LS Customs, which is 50% off today too. Sure, you could scoff, but considering that GTA V has consistently been in the top ten games sold each month since its initial release, that derision would be misplaced.

The official trailer, seen below, advises players that they use powerups and take out fellow racers to win and best of all players won't have to wait long for this new update, which is coming to the game next Tuesday on April 25.