Government must be enabler, not regulator: Modi

Barkha Shukla Singh

Barkha Shukla Singh

Modi conferred the Prime Minister's awards for Excellence in Public Administration to Districts and other Central and State organisations for effective implementation of Programmes and Innovation.

"Things have changed vastly in the last 15-20 years. Competition can play a big role in bringing a qualitative change", he said.

The push for reform comes from political leadership but the performance angle is determined by officers and Jan Bhagidari transforms. Elaborating on this, the Prime Minister said that earlier, Government was nearly the sole provider of goods and services, which left a lot of scope for ignoring ones shortcomings.

Mr. Modi said that senior officers should introspect if their experience is becoming a burden.

Speaking about the problems in civil services, the PM said, "Hierarchy remains an issue - this is something we inherited from colonial rulers and we did not leave that behind".

Modi also touched upon the political instability and the violence stemming in Kashmir between the Army and the people saying, " When army saves lives during flood in Kashmir, people clap for them at that moment, even if they pelt stones on them later ". For example- it can be about a private airline or a private healthcare service. He added that this increase is not in terms of scope of work, but in terms of the challenge.

He also asked the civil servants to use social media, e-governance and mobile governance for the welfare of the people by reaching out to them. He said change in working style is the need of the hour for the progress of the country. "The sooner we come out of our role of a regulator and develop as an enabling entity, the better", he said.