Feds look to establish cannabis tracking system in legalized regime

Feds look to establish cannabis tracking system in legalized regime

Feds look to establish cannabis tracking system in legalized regime

A majority of the states offer medical marijuana while eight states and the District of Columbia allow for recreational usage.

While US attorney general Jeff "Джеффри" Sessions is busy spreading phony anecdotes about the deadly effects of marijuana and pining for the days of the Reagan drug war, 61% of Americans think is should be legal for recreational purposes, according to a CBS poll released today.

Most Americans are not especially anxious about marijuana use among the nation's youth.

The federal government's plan to legalize recreational use of marijuana has many potential players eyeing how they can find a role in the landscape, including pharmaceutical distributors who already ship drugs across the country.

Sixty-five percent of Americans think marijuana is less unsafe than most other drugs, and only 23 percent think legalizing marijuana leads to an increase violent crime.

"There are. hard and complicated questions that need to be answered around the legalization of marijuana both medically and recreationally", he said.

Increasingly, politicians and society at-large are becoming more open to the idea that the federal government could and should begin to treat cannabis similar to how it now treats alcohol - by upholding age limits and no longer prohibiting the use across the board.

Federal law still prohibits marijuana use, however the previous administration declared it would not enforce federal marijuana laws, with former President Barack Obama saying that attempting to enforce a "patchwork where something that's legal in one state could get you a 20-year prison sentence in another", is "untenable over the long term".

And most Americans also think marijuana is less unsafe than most other drugs, particularly those who say they have tried it. CBS has it at 87 percent; Quinnipiac puts it at 94 percent; a third poll published a few days ago by Yahoo News found 83 percent in favor. It now heads back to the Senate, which must agree to the House version or send it to conference committee before it can be sent to the governor.

The Trudeau government's decision to proceed with legalizing marijuana and create a multi-billion dollar marijuana industry is a huge generational transformation for Canada.

Most of the public also believes that marijuana is not physically or mentally harmful, and believe it's safer than alcohol, according to the poll. Of the 52 percent of Americans that have tried it, just under half-44 percent-continue to partake in marijuana. 29 states have legalized the drug for medicinal uses already. Three in four adults between 18 and 34 support legal marijuana use, as do six in 10 Americans between 35 and 64.

Support for legalization has risen among all age groups - particularly those under 55. Both standard land-line phones and cell phones were used in the survey. For the cell sample, interviews were conducted with the person who answered the phone. The data have been weighted to reflect U.S. Census figures on demographic variables. The error for subgroups may be higher and is available by request.