Emirates slams United for having passenger dragged off a plane

Interestingly, only 47 percent of respondents appeared to view United Airlines unfavorably.

Trump gets his highest grades on the issues of fighting terrorism, bringing back jobs and the economy, and his lowest marks on draining the swamp, climate change and health care.

Several passengers on United flight 3411 from Chicago O'Hare International Airport to Louisville, Kentucky, captured video as a man was dragged off the plane by authorities after he apparently refused to leave from an overbooked flight. Trump's approval rating has mainly stayed in the cellar since he took office, and he is garnering far less support early in his early tenure than his predecessors in the White House.

At least that's what the results from a new poll by the Public Policy Polling (PPP) indicate. More than half of Americans (52 percent) said they see Trump unfavorably.

United's unpopularity was underscored in a Morning Consult poll released April 17.

United Airlines is in trouble... again. According to Dao's lawyer, the 69-year-old Kentucky resident suffered a serious concussion, a broken nose and two missing teeth in the incident, which was recorded and tweeted by his fellow passengers.

Despite reports that say more flights are on time and that airlines are losing fewer bags, the incident fueled the perception that flying has become a nightmare and that air travel has become something travelers endure rather than enjoy.

In this April 11, 2017 photo, people with Asian community organizations from Chicago hold signs to protest David Dao's removal from a United Airlines flight. 79 percent of those who had heard about the latest developments related to United said that if they had a choice between a United flight and an American airlines one that were both the same cost, they would choose to fly with American. His attorney has indicated that Dao will sue United.

United has already said it will no longer call the police to remove passengers from overcrowded planes.