Chaffetz Could Be Mulling a White House Run

But, of course, he does.

Chaffetz says he has "no ulterior motives", and is healthy and confident he would re-elected.

Some have speculated that Chaffetz is preparing to run for governor in Utah in 2020.

"I'm not going to be here forever".

Chaffetz's staff in Washington, D.C., and in Utah did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

'That said, I have made a personal decision to return to the private sector, ' he added. "This is more informal, just wanting to know ourselves and be prepared".

"I think there is a little uncertainty as to what the process is because we have not done it before", the governor said Thursday at his monthly news conference on KUED.

"This is a signal that anyone who's cozying up and enabling Donald Trump and his extreme agenda is feeling incredible pressure, and Rep. Chaffetz didn't like that pressure", he said.

But, if he ran, Chaffetz would have won re-election in another landslide and whomever the Republican Party puts on the ballot - whether it's Provo Mayor John Curtis or state Sen.

That included people like Republican House Speaker Greg Hughes who expressed what became a similar refrain among lawmakers.

"After more than 1,500 nights away from my home, it is time", Chaffetz wrote.

Then there is the Trump complication. Donald Trump won the district by 24 points but only got 47% of the vote, in part because Evan McMullin ran an independent campaign focused nearly entirely on Utah.

The popular Congressman was involved in Utah politics for many years before winning the state's House seat.

Chaffetz has been more visible than most colleagues as chairman since 2015 of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, a post considered critical for government transparency and accountability.

Share your reactions to this story with me - is Chaffetz right to move on? "Does Chaffetz use the House Oversight spot to go after Trump and burn bridges with the White House and in Congress, or does he play lapdog and end up wrecking his chances for what he really wants and that's governor in 2020?"

Half of the voters are registered Republicans in Chaffetz' 3rd congressional district, which stretches from suburban Salt Lake City to desert towns in southeastern Utah and includes heavily conservative Mormon areas.