Ubisoft Opens Two New AAA Studios

Ubisoft Opens Two New AAA Studios

Ubisoft Opens Two New AAA Studios

Ubisoft are set to add two new offices to their sprawling development empire, which now numbers 26 studios across 18 countries.

In fact, Ubisoft Berlin will actually be a Blue Byte studio, joining the Dusseldorf and Mainz studios: "Enjoy the trailer for Ubisoft Berlin, the newest Ubisoft Blue Byte studio opening in 2017", a reveal trailer said. Both of which will focus on AAA multiplatform development and assist in big name franchises.

Ubisoft Bordeaux will collaborate on the development of Just Dance, Steep, and Ghost Recon Wildlands. Ubisoft plans on hiring around 50 people in each studio's first year.

Both new studios are now looking for local talent, with available openings listed on Ubisoft's dedicated jobs section. With four established studios in France and two in Germany, Ubisoft already has a strong presence in the two countries' video game ecosystems.

As part of opening the Bordeaux and Berlin teams, Ubisoft is also planning to hire new staff from the local talent pool as well as from elsewhere.

Blue Byte is well known for its Anno and Settlers strategy series and recently worked on the PC port of Ubisoft Montreal's popular game, For Honor.

Well, Ubisoft is expanding their brand even more. We are, after all, at a time when many European developers are reportedly considering their future in the United Kingdom following the triggering of article 50.

Ubisoft is committed to creating an inclusive work environment that reflects the diversity of our player community, and is an equal opportunity employer.

Applications are open for jobs in both Bordeaux and Berlin.