State agency handing out free smoke alarms

Firefighter installs smoke alarm.          Flickr RedCrossNewJersey

Firefighter installs smoke alarm. Flickr RedCrossNewJersey

This is all part of the Home Fire Campaign where volunteers will be going door-to-door asking people if their smoke alarms are working or if they need new ones.

Here again is an update on the program from Everett Fire Marshal's office... Most people in a fire death do not die from the fire itself, they die from inhalation of smoke.

The smoke alarms will be distributed for installation in at risk homes in those areas.

Oktibbeha County and Starkville Fire and Rescue Departments work to make the community feel safe.

It's only fair to share.

"I can tell you that in my experience, I have been to a number of homes that didn't have smoke detectors and life was lost to the fire", Said Chief Herman.

Chaney says the alarms the state is distributing have batteries that last for ten years.

The smoke alarms being distributed have specially-made batteries that only fit in the smoke alarms, so they can not be used to replace batteries in other appliances.

Any residents who wish to request a smoke alarm may ask a local fire station or call Kirk Rosenhan at 662-435-0565.

The National Fire Protection Association recommends smoke alarms be tested once a month and replaced every 10 years.