Protests in Turkey After Referendum Criticism by Europe And Opposition

Turkish presidential sources quoted the USA leader as saying: "I attach importance to our friendship and we have a lot of work to do together".

"This is why the only decision that will end debate about the legitimacy [of the vote] and ease the people's legal concerns is the annulment of this election", deputy party chairman Bulent Tezcan said.

On Sunday, Turkey narrowly voted to give President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sweeping new powers and replace their parliamentary system with a presidential one.

Turkey's main opposition party has filed a formal request seeking the referendum to be annulled because of voting irregularities. Hundreds of demonstrators marched in a central neighbourhood, clanking pots and pans and chant.

"Poland acknowledges the results of Turkey's referendum on 16 April 2017 and awaits their official confirmation", the ministry said in a statement.

Turkey's prime minister, Binali Yıldırım, had earlier in the day warned the opposition against street protests over the referendum.

Mr Yildirim said the "the path to seek rights" should be limited to legal objections and urged the opposition to accept the vote's outcome.

Mehmet Hadimi Yakupoglu, the main opposition Republican People's Party's representative at the board, said they would take the decision to the constitutional court and then to the European Court of Human Rights if necessary.

Global monitors said the move undermined safeguards against fraud.

"We would like other countries and institutions to show respect to the decision of the nation", he said, calling allies to now show greater awareness of Turkey's "sensitivities" in the "fight against terror".

The relations went so bad that many officials of the Turkish government were not allowed to hold rallies in favor of the referendum in many European Union countries and Mr. Erdogan compared that tactics of the European Union to those of the Nazis' in Germany.

The new system takes effect at the next election, now slated for November 2019.

On Wednesday, the ruling AK Party set out plans for Erdogan to gradually take back the party reins, in a sign it would begin implementing the changes approved in Sunday's plebiscite.

Critics fear the changes will lead to autocratic one-man rule under Erdogan, but supporters say they simply put Turkey in line with France and the United States and are needed for efficient government.

"We neither see, hear, nor acknowledge the political reports you'll prepare", he said later at the palace. Tana de Zulueta, head of the observer mission, told reporters that the group had paid a courtesy call and held a "cordial" meeting with board members. "Furthermore if the European Union continues to turn a blind eye to the democratic deficits in Turkey, what does it say about the European Union as a value based actor?" "We share our report and we completed our mandate".