UK scientists - samples from Syrian attack test positive for sarin

UK scientists - samples from Syrian attack test positive for sarin

UK scientists - samples from Syrian attack test positive for sarin

The chemical attack also invited deadly USA air strike on the Shayrat airfield of the Syrian air forces, believed by Washington to be the base for warplanes that carried out the chemical attack.

The chemical attack in Syria killed more than 80 people and wounded at least 550 others on April 4.

Mr Rycroft was speaking during a UN Security Council meeting to discuss a resolution put forward by the US, UK and France, which, as expected, was vetoed by Russian Federation.

Iran has enabled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's "chemical and barrel bombing war against his population", Benamin Weinthal observed, despite Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif's assertion that Iran would never tolerate the use of weapons of mass destruction since its soldiers were subjected to chemical attacks by the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

"I'm amazed that this was the conclusion".

"No one has yet visited the site". "How do you know that?"

USA and Russian relations are deteriorating following the suspected attack and the US airstrikes on a Syrian government base last Thursday.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has denounced the strike as an "act of aggression" and said it violates global law.

Sarin or Similar Substance Used in Syria, Says U.K.

British scientists have found sarin in samples taken from the site of an alleged chemical gas attack in Syria.

"UK scientists have analysed samples taken from Khan Sheikhun".

The U.S. -led airstrikes targeted the big depot containing chemical materials in the town of Hatleh in the eastern countryside of Deir al-Zour on Wednesday, said the army in a statement.

According to a military report on Syrian state TV, a USA -led coalition airstrike on Wednesday hit poison gas supplies belonging to the so-called Islamic State, killing "hundreds including many civilians", Reuters reports. It said that the airstrike showed that militants have chemical weapons in their possession.

Deir Ezzor's provincial capital is controlled by the government and is under siege by ISIS.

The Syrian government has denied involvement in the toxic attack and blamed rebel groups.

Russian Federation and Syria claim toxic agents were released from a rebel chemical arsenal hit by Syrian warplanes.