Samsung delays launch of Bixby voice assistant on Galaxy S8

Samsung Rushing To Release Galaxy S8? It seems that a larger 6.2-inch model is selling better than the 5.8 inch S8. It's also probably a bummer for Samsung, who would like those new owners to try out Bixby Voice and get acclimated to using it regularly. They will start at £2250 ($2,810 USD).

The Galaxy S8 smartphones feature high resolution displays that bend on both ends, and come with various innovative technologies such as iris and face recognition scanners and a smart voice assistance program dubbed Bixby.

Samsung will also enable the new Home panel and the ability to set reminders via Bixby.

Will you buy Galaxy S8 despite the limitations with Bixby voice feature?

Preorders for the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have begun and phones are expected to be in the hands of customers starting April 21.

Bixby Vision, however, is good to go, and will allow users to search for products and information using the S8's camera.

With the launch of Bixby, Samsung was aiming to break into a surging market of voice- activated virtual assistants, which includes Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, Google's Assistant and Microsoft's Cortana.

Samsung says other Bixby features such as Home - a screen with dynamic cards - and Reminders will be operational when the Galaxy S8 ships.

Although it is technically similar to the other companies' digital assistant, the Samsung Bixby is taking a different approach.

But Australians won't be able to use the voice function when the phones first become physically available as Bixby has not yet been programmed to recognise the national accent.

Samsung officially added the future smartphones to the Samsung Galaxy S series last week.

Sriram Thodla, senior director, Services & New Business at Samsung, said during the March release event that Bixby understands context.