New patent filing proves Surface Phone's release?

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 specs and features continue to surface, release date, latest news and updates

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 specs and features continue to surface, release date, latest news and updates

According to Express UK, the curved edges of are featured in the design of the patent are made to block the light that will pass through from the gaps.

A new patent made by Microsoft has recently surfaced and it's a device that will have a dual display, possibly for the Microsoft "Surface Phone" and the "Surface Pro 5". The report claims that the patented design will solve one of the biggest problems seen in devices that feature hinged displays where several panels could break the perception of the users on the objects featured on the screen. Aside from the device's exciting features and specs as constantly reported by several sources, new information about the device's processor is now under debate.

The e-paper screen could likely turn into a set of buttons or controls that allow fans to play games on the device in an interactive way. Currently, no one dared to release any specific detail about Surface Pro 5's battery. The report said that this patent could also reflect the latest feature that the "Surface Phone" could have as previous reports have claimed that the smartphone might be a foldable device that features two displays. In this regard, the patent may very well be for a new Microsoft Surface tablet though there are some who believes the patent will be used on a Surface Phone.

As reported by TechRadar, the biggest selling factor of Surface Pro 5 is a battery.

However, rumors last month from a supposed former Microsoft employee claimed that the device will "probably" only be released in late 2018 or 2019.

Talks about the development of the Microsoft Surface Phone first intensified when the company's CEO Satya Nadella hinted about their plans for the smartphone market in an interview with Australian Financial Review. Companies usually use patents as a way to protect their ideas and not of what people can expect to come. Stay tuned for more Microsoft Surface Book 2 updates.