Teenager finds diamond in Arkansas state park

Teenager finds diamond in Arkansas state park

NWA Teen Finds 7.44-Carat Diamond

NWA Teen Finds 7.44-Carat Diamond

A lucky 14-year-old Centerton, Arkansas boy walked out of an Arkansas state park this weekend with quite the flashy find - his very own diamond. A 3.85-carat diamond found by a 14-year-old teen in 2013 was later sold for $20,000, according to the park.

At the park's Diamond Discovery Center, the magnitude of the find was verified-Kalel had found one of the biggest diamonds in the park's history.

Many people spend hours searching for diamonds at the park only to walk away empty-handed, but Kalel Langford, 14, had only been at the park with his parents for 30 minutes when he spotted a shiny, dark brown gem, according to a statement.

Kalel named his flashy discovery "Superman's Diamond" after the DC Comics superhero who shares the same birth name as the boy.

Park interpreter Waymon Cox described the diamond as pinto bean-sized and similar in colour to coffee.

This Saturday, March 11, 2017, photo, provided by the Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism shows Kalel Langford holding a 7.44 carat diamond he found at Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Ark. In 2015, a Colorado woman discovered a 8.52 carat diamond, the fifth largest since the park was established in 1972.

The diamond is a unique find - even at a diamond park. Clark named it the Hallelujah Diamond.

Last Fall, a Washington state father and daughter found a 2.03 carat white diamond at the destination famous for attracting adventurers scouring for sparklers.

A pastor discovers a huge diamond in Sierra Leone.

Another notable diamond from the Crater of Diamonds is the 1.09-carat D-flawless Strawn-Wagner Diamond. The gem was certified as flawless in the laboratory of the American Gem Society. Articles featured include reporting on world news, politics, finance, health, entertainment and technology. Former First Lady Hillary Clinton borrowed the Kahn Canary from its owner, Stan Kahn of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and wore it in a special, Arkansas-inspired ring setting designed by Henry Dunay of NY as a special way to represent Arkansas's diamond site at the galas celebrating both of Bill Clinton's presidential inaugurals.

With a name like Crater of Diamonds, visitors to the Arkansas state park have high expectations.