Sharna Burgess not dating Bonner Bolton

Bonner Bolton touching Sharna Burgess

Bonner Bolton touching Sharna Burgess

For season 24, it didn't take long for professional bull rider Bonner Bolton and his partner Sharna Burgess to be the main subject of those rumors. Are Bonner and Sharna romantically involved with one another? Sharna and Bonner clearly have connected quite well, and that connection did not escape the judges or the viewers during the premiere. "He is working so hard on our Vienesse waltz, he seems more comfortable with the classic styles than the sexy Latin styles.... go figure!" Right??? Just because they're not officially dating doesn't mean they're not also doing the horizontal mambo. Bolton and Burgess talked with Entertainment Tonight and said that they are focusing on their partnership on the dance floor, not a romantic relationship.

Could this be Sharna's chance to win the "DWTS" mirror-ball plus score a new romance?

The first week of Dancing With The Stars is uh, never that great, but Bonner and Sharna really whipped things into shape. There's no denying that the duo's first performance on opening night was full of sexiness and an obvious chemistry, which was apparently enough to ignite dating rumors already but, according to People, Bonner is single. Every season on Dancing With the Stars, there are pairs that fans speculate are dating.

Later they were spotted getting up close and personal at the Cowboy Palace Saloon in LA, and now the 29-year-old is in denial mode regarding his personal life.

Will this potential DWTS showmance turn into nothing substantial, much like what happened in earlier pairings like with Val Chmerkovskiy and some of his partners, for example, or will Bonner's potential crush go unrequited, like what happened between Alek Skarlatos and Emma Slater a while back? She's a great teacher.

Bonner continued: 'I have all the respect in the world for my dance partner on and off the dance floor.

"Bonner and I obviously have a chemistry and we would be fools to try to deny that to anyone.but there's no amusing business right now guys".

Burgess' "controversy" mention is, of course, referring to the pair's unintentional viral moment last week, when backstage cameras caught Bolton wrapping his arm around Burgess and his hand going quite a bit lower than her waist.

Without fail, nearly every season of Dancing With the Stars has come with rumors of romance between one of the pro dancers and their celebrity partners.