Facebook pulls Messenger from Windows Phone 8

However, before Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile have been released, there was the Windows Phone 8.1, which in theory it was supposed to do the same thing, but it seems that Microsoft has "succeeded" to mess it up pretty badly.

Facebook says it will still support Windows 10 products. What this means is the app would be obsolete and would not be useable anymore.

Further, Facebook Messenger doesn't support Windows 8.1 for its latest update so users have to eventually update the Windows OS version or buy a new Windows smartphone incase there is no update for the said device. It also mentioned a solution of updating this app to the latest version from the Microsoft Store.

According to Updates Lumia, some users of the old Facebook Messenger app have been receiving emails from Facebook themselves saying that "the Official Messenger messaging client will be discontinued as of the end of March for the old Windows Phone platform", with instructions on where to find the new messenger app on Windows 10 mobile.

Emails that were received by the users thanked them for choosing to use Messenger app and also stated that they regret to inform that since the end of March, the Messenger app version that they have been using is no longer supported and they can not send and receive messages.

Do you still know anyone still using a Windows Phone handset?

Another big shocker comes from Facebook itself. Aside from Windows Phone users, Android and iOS consumers will also be affected by this move. On its Messenger blog, the company stated that they "will be ending support for messaging in some older mobile app versions of Messenger and Facebook".

Facebook and Facebook Messenger are said to be moving to obsolete status to some users by the end of March.