Who Went Home on 'Survivor' 2017? Week 3 Spoilers & Recap

Who Went Home on 'Survivor' 2017? Week 3 Spoilers & Recap

Who Went Home on 'Survivor' 2017? Week 3 Spoilers & Recap

After losing the season's fourth Immunity Challenge in which a "caller" on each tribe had to lead castaways through a series of obstacles before solving a table maze, the new Nuku and Mana tribes were forced to attend Tribal Council on Night 11. Good choice, as all the Nuku votes went to Sierra and they were all thrown out! So with Sierra's votes being cancelled out, and Malcolm being the only other person to get votes, he was the one who had his torch extinguished.

However, thanks to information James "J.T".

Probst went on to explain that the "results were insane", with both groups huddling and coming up with gameplans on the spot at Tribal Council, ending in a strong player like Malcolm being voted out. "Stupid kid couldn't keep his mouth shut, and [with that], one of the biggest experiences of your life just came to an extremely premature end, and it's hard to swallow".

Last night on Survivor 2017 Season 34, we started with a Reward Challenge that saw Troyzan lose it for the Tavua Tribe, as Nuku won cookies and coffee and Mana won a thermos of iced coffee.

Once everyone was done running around, trying to figure out what to do, Probst said it was time to vote, but Hali followed that up with, "I didn't consent", as she wasn't quite ready to vote.

Understandably, Malcolm Freberg was frustrated that J.T. ratted out his tribe and told Brad the Nuku plan, although finding the silver lining in defeat. It was unlike any tribal council before it, and even Probst was shocked by what was happening.

Instead of paying back J.T. with said knowledge by voting out Sandra, Mana chose to keep things smart by taking out the biggest threat in the game, Malcolm Freberg.

In the end, Mana thought Sierra would be the target, so Tai used his idol to save her.

When Malcolm left the game, J.T. appeared to be crying, and Michaela pointed out that J.T. had probably pulled a fast one on them and set them up. There was a lot of chaos and confusion at a very live tribal council, as J.T. pleaded to Brad to get Sandra out by providing knowledge that Sierra was going to be the target. The guys seemed to agree that voting Sandra was the way to go in order to take her out early.