Yuengling's Ice Cream announces two new flavors

Harry Potter fans, rejoice! Butterbeer ice cream is here

Harry Potter fans, rejoice! Butterbeer ice cream is here

The sights and sounds of the Harry Potter universe are within reach at Universal's Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The flavor plays off of a drink from the Harry Potter series. (Read: zero alcohol.) That's true at the theme park and in this newest ice cream flavor.

Yuengling Ice Cream has taken the next step in its assumed love of all things Harry Potter with the introduction of its Butterbeer flavor. The best news is, it's here to stay.

Now we know you want some!

"We are always looking for ways to inspire our fans and spark creativity", David Yuengling, president of the company's ice cream division, said in a news release.

Though typically an ale in the books, this Butterbeer formula will be appropriate for all ages. It's manufactured by Yuengling Ice Cream, which was founded by owner D.G. Yuengling & Son Brewery during the prohibition period, but is no longer affiliated with the beer company of the same name.

So, here are the deets: the pint is made with half buttercream ice cream, half butterscotch ice cream, with a twist of butterscotch swirl (um, yes, please.) It can be found in most supermarkets and retails for about $3.99.

If butterbeer isn't the flavor for you, Yuengling's has added strawberry to the lineup in response to popular demand. You can view all the nutrition facts and ingredients on the flavor's webpage. But this is the first ice cream purported to be a butterbeer knockoff.