NFL Competition Committee proposes cutting overtime to ten minutes

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Overtimes already are taking longer, given that the team that kicks off to start the period gets a possession if the first team to have the ball scores three points.

It's a weird solution proposed by the league, given that quarters are 15 minutes and that the Postseason overtime rules wouldn't change at all.

Last year, the NFL's competition committee passed a rule in which players would be automatically ejected from a game if they received two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

A report by NBC Sports states that the league owners will soon be voting on a proposal to shorten NFL overtime periods to just 10 minutes of game time. The NFL season begins in August with preseason games with a conclusion coming either during the last week of January or the first week of February, leaving an additional six months on the remainder of the calendar.

Among the other proposals on the docket according to The Post were automatic suspensions for players on particularly egregious hits and having replay rulings determined by league officiating members in NY.

For a proposal to become an NFL rule, it has to get a "yes" vote from 24 of the league's 32 owners, who will all be attendance for the meeting, which is set for March 26-29 in Phoenix. If a team is forced to play an extra 15-minute period on Sunday, followed by another game four days later (on Thursday), then that team would be placed in a tough situation.

National Football League committee rules state 24 of the 32 teams will have to approve of the change for it to go into effect.

The idea is simply in the proposal stage right now - and not guaranteed to pass - but it's certainly one of the more intriguing potential rule changes in some time.

The NFL competition committee also is considering hiring full-time referees in 2017, ESPN's Kevin Seifert reported Monday. Currently, they're only part-time employees, considering there are only 256 games in a season.