Multicultural Australia: United, Strong, Successful

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The statement recognises fundamental principles of integration, citizenship and unity, as well as the impact of terrorism, in a notable departure from emphasis on equitable access to welfare and services for new migrants as articulated by the 2011 statement delivered by then-Labor prime minister Julia Gillard which.

Today the Australian Government reaffirms our commitment to multicultural Australia with the release of the statement Multicultural Australia: United, Strong and Successful.

The statement calls Australia "the most successful multicultural society in the world" and an "immigration nation", where nearly half the population was born overseas or has at least one parent who was born overseas. 'We support freedom of thought, speech, religion, enterprise and association'.

It will continue: 'Regardless of cultural background, birthplace or religion, everyone in Australia or coming to Australia has a responsibility to engage with and seek to understand each other, and reject any form of racism or violent extremism.

Australian Multicultural Council chairman Sev Ozdowski said the changes to the document were an "important" move. Practices and behaviours that undermine our values have no place in Australia'.

"This helps to ensure that Australia remains an open, inclusive, free and safe society".

The statement highlights in the foreword by Malcolm Turnbull that Australia is defined "not by race, religion or culture", but a shared value of "freedom, democracy, the rule of law and equality of opportunity".

He added that the statement was "overwhelmingly positive" about Australia's cultural diversity.

'There are some people, of course, who don't obey laws, ' the senator told ABC Radio.

"It's about celebrating the different cultures, the wonderful things that have been brought to us by people all over the world", he said.

"We want to see that continue and this sets out some of the direction the government sees going forward".

"Underpinning a diverse and harmonious Australia is the security of our nation", the statement says.

"The affirmation of our settlement framework and the imperative for governments to support newly arrived migrants to become self reliant and active members of the Australian community is warmly welcomed", CEO Carla Wilshire said in a statement.