Joe Mangeniallo (Deathstroke) missing from the movie?

Deathstroke- Credit DC Entertainment

Deathstroke- Credit DC Entertainment

But a recent appearance on Pittsburgh Today Live, to promote his upcoming Smurfs movie, he shows a lesser enthusiasm on the matter.

However, over the weekend, Joe gave an interview that has fans talking. Which, yeah, doesn't really ring of confidence.

It is a shame as Joe Manganiello was genuinely enthusiastic, as were we. Since he said this days after the reports about massive rewrites, and since Reeves' arrival may further trigger a clean slate, the timing is suspicious at the least.

Since so much is up in the air and so much has changed so far, perhaps Manganiello is hedging his bets in case his schedule gets too crowded by early 2018. Let's hope that all becomes clearer soon.

Before you go into fanboy panic mode, though, it's worth remembering that Reeves only signed up to direct on the promise that he'd have complete creative control, so he's basically the only person who knows for sure (or has an idea of) what's going on with The Batman at this point. But if the DCEU is just overcorrecting itself prematurely, like with its reshoots and interference for Suicide Squad, it might have greater consequences than merely writing out or reducing Manganiello's role.