EBay Announces 'guaranteed Delivery' Service This Summer

Above eBay ShopBotImage Credit Paul Sawers  VentureBeat

Above eBay ShopBotImage Credit Paul Sawers VentureBeat

The e-commerce platform announced it will guarantee delivery in three days or less on 20 million eligible items in the U.S. - shoppers will also be able to search for and filter items by one- and two-day delivery.

"While the majority of items on eBay already ship within three days or less, as well as for free, Guaranteed Delivery will give shoppers even faster delivery options and the confidence that their items will arrive on time", says eBay Senior Vice President Hal Lawton in the release announcing the new policy. Considering Amazon and UPS are working on drone shipping, eBay's Guaranteed Delivery may be too little, too late. And if shipping was already included as part of the total cost, the buyer can elect to receive a coupon for use against a subsequent eBay purchase or they can send the item back for free.

The Guaranteed Delivery policy is set to launch in the United States this summer, but exact dates were not shared. "Alternatively, the buyer can also choose to return the item at no cost", eBay explained.

Without a doubt eBay are losing sales to Amazon. My problem is that eBay doesn't provide the facility for me to search for items that sellers can deliver tomorrow.

You will also be able to create up to 20 shipping rate tables and specify shipping charges based on more than 100 regions, the proximity of your warehouse to your buyer's location, and multiple shipping services.

Amazon's Prime free 2-day shipping is available for more than 50 million items sold on the platform. In the U.S., due to the size of the country, two-day delivery is pretty much equivalent to next day delivery in the UK.

The Guaranteed Delivery tool will only be available to eligible sellers who have a history of fast shipping.

eBay announced a new program today, but it is scrambling to answer a simple question, but one that is crucial for sellers to understand. The main difference between eBay's program and Amazon Prime is Amazon Prime's $99 annual subscription, qualifying items ship at no added costs. eBay Delivery Guarantee doesn't come with any subscription or membership fee, but instead, you're responsible for any shipping costs that are associated with the item.

If you could have your listings searchable by buyers who want an item delivered tomorrow, could you offer the service?

eBay has pledged to offer its customers faster and more precise delivery.