Details on Watch Dogs 2 DLC, Human Conditions

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2

However, players making their way through the game for the first time must complete Hacker Wars, Eye For an Eye, and W4tched first to unlock the new mission.

On the official PlayStation Blog, Fabian Salomon, a producer on the Human Conditions DLC, spoke about another new feature in the DLC, the Elite Co-op challenge: "The Elite Co-op challenge is a brand new harder mission created to be a lot more challenging than the one in the base game".

Ubisoft has revealed a trailer for the second expansion for Watch Dogs 2, which will be available February 21 for all those on PS4 who purchased a season pass.

The quest focuses around a newcomer to the hacking scene in Watch Dogs 2. The posts refer to "The Shuffler", an urban legend so scary that those in-the-know allegedly lost their minds.

Fans soon discovered that the missing teenagers went AWOL while investigating "The Shuffler". Around that graffiti, players heard odd noises, and when viewed through their phones, the locations revealed clues to the lost teenagers' story. Currently, players are still waiting for Ubisoft to give out another clue. Watch Dogs 2Discord member TealSummerNights said "I don't think anyone really expected something like this", in addition, "People are listening to the in-game radio stations, checking every nook and cranny of virtual SF. Some folks have even been digging through the game's code!" It delivered support and more content for the game post-launch.

The first of the detailed Operations that the upcoming "Watch Dogs 2" Human Conditions DLC will bring is Bad Medicine. As if that wasn't exciting enough, the new DLC promises to bring Jordi Chin back into the game, forming a loose alliance with Marcus.The new gameplay elements will include drone navigation, net hack, or VR puzzles that will be explored further than ever before, according to Salomon.