Formula One: Damon Hill Warns Mercedes Over Lewis Hamilton

Former Formula 1 world champion Damon Hill has a piece of advice for the current Mercedes team with regards to how they treat their star driver Lewis Hamilton.

David Coulthard thinks Lewis Hamilton could call time on his place on the Formula One grid in the not too distant future, the BBC reports.

The new F1 season begins on March 26 with the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne, with Hamilton seeking to win back the world championship he lost to Nico Rosberg last season. Coulthard feels that, after last season's intense battle with Rosberg, Hamilton might not have the appetite for another 20-race marathon. "'Thank you, I'm off".

Rosberg took everyone by surprise when he quit after winning the title last season. "It could be sooner than maybe we would all want", Coulthard said via the Daily Mirror.

"There are moments when you see his pure enjoyment, the little boy in the man if you like". But when you see him being asked the same questions day in day out, you can see the eyes glaze over.

Hamilton is paired with Valtteri Bottas for the new season and with the Finn yet to win, the Briton automatically becomes the number one driver in the team and their best hope of another title.

"There is always a limit and there is always a point at which somebody goes too far, but there is also a balance to be struck and you forgive people occasional blips and tantrums as long as on average they are delivering over the season".

"That could happen at the end of the year, it may even happen during the season".

He did more laps (628) than anyone else in preseason testing and drew early compliments from Hamilton, the man who drove Rosberg to the brink both mentally and physically past year.

Marko is not convinced by the former Williams driver, though, and believes 2017 could see Red Bull and Ferrari break the Mercedes one-two.