Great Florida snake hunt to help rid Everglades of pythons

Looking for a Career Change? Consider Becoming a Python Hunter

Looking for a Career Change? Consider Becoming a Python Hunter

Snake hunters will be earn minimum wage up to eight hours each day with a significant bonus for actually finding Python.

The South Florida Water Management District Governing Board approved pilot program funding on Thursday, created to incentivize private parties who are prepared to help eliminate the snakes from public lands.

Enough is enough with the Burmese pythons.

Fifty dollars (£41) will be paid for pythons up to 4 feet long, with an additional $25 (£20) for each foot in length after this. In September, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission announced python hatchlings were found in Key Largo, while a 10-foot python was found on a levee at the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge in Palm Beach County.

The pilot programs runs for two months starting April 1.

Participants are encouraged to register online beginning Friday.

The agency wants to cull the species as they are affecting wildlife in the Everglades wetland, according to CNN.

A Palm Beach Post video of a python attacking an alligator in Big Cypress National Preserve in December drew global attention to the issue and was watched by the water management governing board at its Thursday meeting.

Officials said there have been increased sightings of pythons from 2005 to 2010 though they could not provide an estimate of how many pythons inhabit South Florida. Floridians should have no sympathies for this notorious strangler, and this latest initiative should pave the way for further exotic elimination efforts. Total compensation can not exceed $6,000.

Each participant will be given instructions and field identification guides, allowing access to lands infested with pythons in Miami-Dade County.

"We're going to leave it open to pretty broad areas where python challenge participants in the past have not been able to get to", Feeney says. The most hard part of hunting the snakes is detecting them.