Where Art Thou — Microsoft Surface Phone

PORSCHE DESIGNSThe display will even detach allowing the Book One to operate as a tablet

PORSCHE DESIGNSThe display will even detach allowing the Book One to operate as a tablet

This has led to many tech publications and fans speculating about the device's development status, leading some to believe that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 may not be coming out at all this year.

The Surface Pro 4 is capable of handling the demanding software, hence, the fifth edition is expected to have a processor gain to meet the demands. Microsoft has recently announced a price cut on the latest Surface Pro, fueling rumors that the company is preparing for the arrival of the next hybrid tablet.

Microsoft Executive Vice President of Windows and Devices Terry Myerson, in an interview with ZDNet a year ago, also said that the company will continue to "invest" in both ARM processors and cellular connectivity.

There were at least a couple of images leaked earlier which indicate that a Surface Pro 5 is in the works.

A YouTube video from Information Technology reveals that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date will fall in the first quarter of 2017.

During this event, different products in the mobile industry are showcased but it didn't include the Surface Pro 5.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is reported to be launched ahead with Apple's iPad Pro 2. However, despite its enhanced features, the Surface Pro 4 had battery life deficiencies and sleep mode issues that shadowed its performance.

According to the latest rumors, the Redmond giant's next flagship smartphone device is tipped to sport a 5.5-inch AMOLED display screen. The Pro device will feature an improved Surface Pen, which according to the leaked patent, it will have its own magnetic charging dock.

Aside from this, a USB Type-C port to unify the Pro 4's single USB 3.0 port, display port, and SD card reader is expected to be found in the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. The all-in-one device will run with seventh generation Kaby Lake processors from Intel. One is from the French website of Microsoft wherein a picture entitled Surface Pro 5 was mistakenly uploaded to the site.

Once the next-gen Surface Pro is launched, it will already have a rival to put into perspective, PC Advisor said.