'Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 Updates: Price, Specs, Features, Release Date

Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft Surface Phone

Instead, the most anticipated Microsoft Surface Phone with an ARM-compatible version of Windows 10 will come around 2019.

Nevertheless, the Intel Kaby Lake chipset in Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be allegedly coupled with a 16GB of RAM. "First is an image from the French press hub that's called "win10-feature-surface-pro-5-z" although this appears to be a typo".

The upcoming Surface Pro 5 is reportedly going to have a unique graphics processor, along with a 4K display screen, which can be removed as well, according to Droid Report. It is because, in early 2016, Microsoft patented their rechargeable Surface Pen and dock. The AAA battery of the Surface Pen may be replaced with a rechargeable battery, with a functionality that resembles to iPad Pro's Apple Pen.

The device is also going to come with USB-C capabilities.

However, all these enhancements have come at a great cost for the Redmond-based company.

Not long ago, Microsoft had eliminated its third era Surface Pro and made value cuts for Intel Core i5 and m3 models of Surface Pro 4 offering ascend to talks that said the company is attempting to dispense with the old forms to make way for the Surface Pro 5.

"Microsoft didn't announce the Pro 5, but there have been a couple of new leaks", Tech Advisor has stated about the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5. However, the Surface Pro 5 was not released in its Oct. Windows event.

It's actually the roll out of the Creators Update in the spring that is giving rise to this time as the predicted release window for the Surface Pro 5 as it would make sense for Microsoft to want its premium laptop device to have the latest premium software, OS and specs on the inside.

Having said that, the news about its new tentative launch date might disappoint the Windows fans who were eagerly waiting for its launch this year.

According to Trusted Reviews, though Microsoft already launched "Lumia 950", "Lumia 950 XL" and "Windows 10 Mobile", these products weren't patronized by the public.