Nintendo has a "surprise" shortage of Switches

Credit Nintendo

Credit Nintendo

Personally, I've never tried. Unless Nintendo patch in the ability to move saved data to the memory card, there could come a time where you'll need to delete your progress in older games to make room to save newer ones.

All said, we don't recommend you bust open your Nintendo Switch when it stops working.

First, if the Switch had to have just launched with a single game, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would've been sufficient to make it a success.

Over the weekend, Nintendo Everything learned from an official notice to system users that the spiritual successor to "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night" is among the titles that are confirmed to be heading to the Nintendo Switch console. That means games that use XInput such as The Witcher 3 wouldn't work without a little extra help, again from third-party software. As such, the Nintendo Switch received an 8/10 score, with 10 being the easiest to fix.

Like the Wii Remotes before them, Joy-Con controllers connect to the Switch via Bluetooth, so linking them with other Bluetooth-enabled devices is rather trivial.

With any new gaming platform release, there are always those who are just as interested in how the platform was built as they are in playing games. What other classics do you want to see remastered? The Deal Guy Matt Granite appears on TV & radio across the U.S and was invited by Nintendo for a co-sponsored YouTube product shoot.

Do you think Nintendo is cooking up a cloud storage option, or do you think the company will instead introduce some kind of system transfer, like it did with the 3DS? When moving the right analog stick down, you can, if you look very carefully and closely, see a small bit of text.

My guess is that Nintendo has been planning this design for a long time now but first wanted to test the water to see if the market was ready for their big plans, and after the success of the 3DS and Pokemon Go they have chose to push ahead with their plans.

The Nintendo Switch is barely on the shelves but a new debate has already been sparked among games enthusiasts: is the docking station scratching consoles?