'Hillary Beat Trump' website lets people pretend Clinton won the presidential election

66% of Trump voters turn off awards shows when speeches get political, compared to just 16% of Hillary supporters.

Several stars have used recent awards shows as a political platform, with Meryl Streep delivering emotion-packed remarks denouncing the commander in chief's campaign rhetoric at last month's Golden Globes.

The survey conducted by the National Research Group in early February canvassed 800 people (50% Hillary Clinton voters, 50% Donald Trump voters) for their opinions about movies, award shows and politics reveals that almost 70% of President Trump voters have turned off their TV sets because of an actor giving a political speech at the podium, compared to 20% of Clinton voters. A Tribe Called Quest performed an anti-Trump song at the Grammy Awards earlier this month.

That same poll - which surveyed an estimated 800 people who were split down the middle between Trump and Clinton ahead of the Academy Awards this Sunday - found that 69 percent of Trump voters don't like political speeches at awards shows. The site is written as if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump in the November 2016 presidential election.

Furthering the political divide, the poll revealed 79 percent of the Clinton voters plan to watch this year's Oscars, vs. 66 percent of Trump voters.

Clinton supporters actually said they would like to see more politics in awards shows.

Other headlines take a not-so-subtle jab at President Trump, like "NYT pans Clinton's "oppressively intelligent press conference" as "too boring and too sane", and "Clinton chooses perfectly reasonable person to be Attorney General".

"For Clinton voters, "Hidden Figures" would win, every acceptance speech would rip into Trump's temperament, and he would be home tweeting", Penn said.