Apple Inc. (AAPL) Removes Activation Lock Status Checker On Its iCloud

Without further notice, Apples recently removed pulled down its iCloud Activation Lock website, the fastest way to check if an iPhone is stolen or not.

The anti-theft tool, which was silently yanked over the weekend, enabled buyers of a second-hand iPhone to check if it was registered to a previous owner by typing in the IMEI number.

The activation lock checker allowed people to see online if a used iPhone was still tied to a seller's account.

This hack could also be to blame for an Apple ID bug that has been frustrating iPhone owners since September, MacRumours notes.

The closure could be in response to a reckless activation lock workaround method reported by MacRumors that allowed users to modify hardware chips for stolen activation-restricted Apple devices.

Interestingly, many users who bought a brand new iPhone previous year complained that they experienced problems with Activation Lock where their iPhone was locked with another user Apple ID.

As a video of the hack shows, it's possible to calculate a legitimate serial number from a device that has not yet had Activation Lock activated, and then write that serial number to a locked device's hard disk. It's the reason why you have to take a few moments to wipe an iOS device and turn off Find My iPhone when you trade your old iPhone in for a new one-if you didn't, your old device would still be tied to your account, and useless on the resale market.

It is worth mentioning that the tech titan has not given any explanation about why it has removed its Activation Lock status checker from its page.