Convicted Serial Killer Gary Lee Sampson Formally Sentenced to Death

Philip McCloskey

Philip McCloskey

He then swore at the judge, who barked back at him to "shut up".

In contrast, the families of his victims gave restrained, poignant accounts of their loved ones and the pain Sampson caused them, bringing many in the courtroom to tears. Sampson then killed Jonathan Rizzo, a teenager who also picked up Sampson on the roadside.

The man convicted of killing two MA men in 2001 carjackings has been formally sentenced to death for a second time.

A second jury voted to condemn Sampson last month, following a two-month sentencing trial during which jurors saw the weapons he used and heard tapes of him admitting the killings to police, including saying that after murdering his last victim, he "cooked some breakfast while he was dead in the bathroom". They said that they hope the decision means that it will soon finally be over.

A jury agreed on a death sentence in 2003, but that decision was overturned on a legal appeal based on false statements by a juror. He killed Philip McCloskey, 69, of Taunton, and Kingston native Jonathan Rizzo, 19, after grabbing a ride in their cars. He then drove Rizzo's vehicle to New Hampshire, where he strangled Robert "Eli" Whitney, a 58-year-old maintenance man, that same week.

Sampson was first condemned to death in a Boston federal court in 2004.

The verdict against Sampson marks the second time in two years (the other was Dzhokhar Tsarnaev) that a federal jury has imposed the death penalty in MA, a state that has no death penalty and has not executed a defendant since 1947.

The last time a person was sentenced to death in MA was in the early 1970s, and the last time someone was executed in the state was in 1947.

"I hate that you are the last person to see him". "I hate you. I never thought I could hate anyone, but I hate you". "Your loved ones are remembered, their lives matter", the judge said.